Our Company

Q Swiftlet City specializes in swiflet farming, which encompasses swiftlet house designing, construction and alteration of swiflet houses as the main stream of the business. Besides, the company also trades and processes bird nests. Equipped with vast knowledge and professionalism, Q Swiftlet City relies on its quality management and continuous innovation to maintain its predominance in the market. Furthermore, Q Swiftlet City places strong emphasis on its integrity, devoted attitude and adherence to its customer-first principle in providing services. Since establishment, the company has constructed hundreds of swiflet houses which have gained satisfaction from the clients to evince the professionalism of the company.

Our Services

Swiftlets Farming Services provided by Q Swiftlets City:-
  1. Design and build new birds’ house
  2. Consultation to revamp unsuccessful birds’ house
  3. Bird house maintenance service
  4. Survey new area for bird house
  5. Application of swiftlets farming’s license
  6. Process edible bird’s nest
  7. Buy raw edible bird’s nest

Design and build new birds’ house from RM27,888

Building a successful swiftlets farm is never an easy task. Many of them who lack of experience and the expertise in this field had failed. Now, you come to the right place to seek for a reliable consultancy. Q Swiftlet City is dedicated to construct a new swiftlet farm for you either by converting your commercial unit (shop or factory) or erecting a unit by its own on a land. We have our experience team of people to design and build the most suitable habitat for your swiftlets. For purposed built swiftlets farm on a land, we will engage engineers, architects and contractors to build it to assure our client a safer building and meet all necessary requirements for this purpose. We will build a bird house for you based on our valuable experience and expertise from our research and development, to ensure you a successful swiftlets farm. We encourage new comers as this industry could provide you with endless wealth. Currently, we have a promotion package for our new comers with free first 3-months of maintenance from only RM27,888. This package inclusive of:-
  • Design and Consultation of bird house
  • Nesting plank
  • Amplified Player with Effective Bird Sound
  • Swiftlets Odor Liquid
  • Timer Panel
  • 2 humidifiers
  • 50 Speakers
  • Free first 3 months of maintenance!

Consultation to revamp unsuccessful birds’ house from RM 8,888

We always emphasize that building a successful swiftlets farm is never an easy task it really requires a lot of knowledge, skills and understanding of swiftlets. Many of them who lack of these skills had failed. However, it is never too late to seek for our consultancy. Q Swiftlet City is here to revamp and improve the performance of your swiftlet farm. An unsuccessful birds’ house could due to many factors. Hence, we will send our consultant to your site to gather information and understand the problem in your swiftlets farm. After that, we will give you a full recommendation and the necessary equipments to improve your swiftlets farm. Now, we have a promotion package for our consultancy to revamp unsuccessful bird house from only RM8,888*.
* Price quoted for consultation fee only, materials are not included.

Bird house maintenance service

Managing a swiftlets farm plays an important role in this venture, many people have neglected it. As a result, their swiftlets population may not grow as much as it should be or causes the performance of the farm to deteriorate. In order to have a successful swiftlets farm, it is critical to maintain the swiftlets farm in good condition. It requires a lot of care and attention from farmer to ensure the place is clean, free from insects especially cockroaches and termites, rats and also owls. Other than that, there are also other things need to notice each time we enter the unit for maintenance. Therefore, we always emphasize that having a successful swiftlets farm is never an easy task it really requires a lot of knowledge, skills and understanding of swiftlets. There is always a solution in Q Swiftlet City, we provide maintenance service to our dear clients to ensure the routine maintenance is done properly and save you much precious time and hassles. So, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and quotes.

Survey new area for bird house

We never know the presence of swiftlets until we perform surveys to examine the existence of swiftlets in that area. When swiftlets exist, it is going to be a great opportunity for you to build a successful swiftlets farm. Nevertheless, it is important to gain the full picture of the new place before investment is made in order to minimize the risk of failure and maximize the return on investment. Q Swiftlet Cityprovides survey service to our valued clients in term of the potential, the success rate in that area, the suitability of macro and micro-environment for swiftlets and the probable surrounding places you could venture in. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and quotes.

Application of swiftlets farming’s license

At present, there are many places started issuing swiftlets farming license but farmers have to follow the regulatory guidelines provided by the authority in order to obtain this license. Q Swiftlets City have been monitoring closely with the authority about swiftlets farming license. We provide the license application service; it’s subject to the availability of such license in the particular area. This service will ascertain the swiftlets farm is compliance with all the guidelines from the authority and follow-up closely with the authority on the outcome of the application. For more information and quotes regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Process edible bird’s nest

We also have our own processing plant to process raw edible bird nest to high quality edible birds’ nest. We process bird’s nest without using any chemical or bleaching agent, it purely hand-picked by our experienced staff. Therefore, we maintain the nutrition value of bird’s nest and assure you with the highest quality and free from chemical bird’s nest. Birds’ house owner who wish to fetch a higher value from their raw nests are welcome to process their nests at our plant. For more information and quotes on this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Raw Bird’s Nest before Process
Raw Bird’s Nest before Process
Processed Clean Bird's Nest
Processed Clean Bird's Nest

Buy raw edible bird’s nest

We also buy raw unprocessed edible bird’s nest from swiftlets farmer or owner. We purchase all grades of edible bird’s nest with good price. So, swiftlets farmer who are interested to sell their raw unprocess edible bird’s nest can contact us during office hour.


Humidifiers,Pump and Nozzles,Humidity Controllers,Ventilation Fans & Hygrometers
Mesin Kabus,Pam dan Nozel,Alat Kontrol kelembapan,Kipas Ventilasi & Hygrometer





M3 - Meiyan German Humidity Controller Standard
This unit is built with components from Germany.Very accurate,reliable and long lasting.Can activate up to 3 Tayring humidifiers at the same time.Easy to set and has a 1 year warranty.
M3 - Meiyan Alat Kawalan Kelembapan German
Komponen-komponen dari German digunakan.Sangat tepat dan tahan lasak.Mampu untuk menghidupkan 3 mesin kabus dengan serentak.Senang untuk diset dan 1 tahun jaminan.
M4 - Meiyan German Humidity Controller with 50 feet Wire
This unit works and functions same as above unit, only additional 50ft extension included.
M4-Meiyan Alat Kawalan Kelembapan German dgn wayar 50 kaki
Unit ini berfungsi sama seperti diatas.Dengan wire ekstra 50 kaki,maka sensornya boleh diletak didalam RB.
M5A-TNK Temperature or Humidity Controller OT-TN-TH2
Comes with 6 meter wire with sensor.

M8 - BGB Temperature Controller T-9533
This unit is use to control ventilation fan.Whenever the temperature hit the set level,it will activate the fan.
M8 - Alat Kawalan Suhu BGB T-9533
Unit ini biasanya digunakan untuk mengawal kipas eksos.Apabila suhu melebihi had yang ditetapkan maka kipas eksos akan diaktifkan.
M10 - Meiyan Pump and 15 Nozzles Set MM15
Pump,100m 3/8" Pipe,Filtter and 15 Nozzles
Easy and ready to install.Includes a pump with filter attached,100m of piping,15 plastic middle connectors,15 copper nozzles and 1 end connector.Maximum capacity 15 nozzles which is good for 1-2 floors swiftlet farm.Using this system will distribute humid more evenly.6 months warranty.
M10 - Meiyan Set Pam dan 15 Nozel MM15
Set Pam,100m 3/8" Paip,Penapis dan 15 Nozel Penyembur
Sedia untuk di pasang.Termasuk 1 pam,100m pipa,15 mata penyembur tembaga.Maksima 15 mata penyembur dimana ia sesuai untuk 1-2 lantai rumah burung yang berukuran 1600 kaki persegi.6 bulan jaminan.

M11 - Meiyan Pump and 25 Nozzles Set MM25
Pump,Filter,150m 3/8" Pipe and 25 nozzles
Powerful pressure for 25 nozzles.One set is enough or 2-3 floors bird house.Mist will be evenly distributed.Soundless pump.Easy to install.Highly recommended.
M11 - Meiyan Set Pam dan 25 Nozel MM25
Termasuk Pam,Penapis,150m 3/8" Paip dan 25 Nozel Penyembur
Tekanan youg cukup kuat untuk 25 mata penyembur.Satu set sudah mencukupi untuk 2-3 tingkat rumah burung.Kabus halus diagihkan samarata.Tanpa bunyi,senang pasang.Sangat di rekomenkan.

                    M11A-Meiyan Pump and 70 Nozzles Set MM70
               Pump,Filter,400m 3/8" Pipe and 70 Copper Nozzles
Suitable for multifloors bird house.One set is enough to humidify the whole 4-5 floors of nesting room.Easy to install.All connectors and installing items included.
M11A-Meiyan Set Pam dan 70 Nozel MM70
Termasuk Pam,Penapis,400m 3/8"  Paip dan 70 Nozel Penyembur
Sesuai untuk rumah walet bertingkat.Satu unit boleh melembapkan seluruh rumah burung 4-5 tingkat.Senang untuk dipasang.Semua alat pemasangan disediakan.
M13B-High Pressure Pump 1000psi for 30 Nozzles

M13C-High Pressure Pump 1000psi for 60 Nozzles
M16 - Sobo Submersible Pump
This pump can circulate water or can make fountain in a pond inside or outside a bird house.Also good to stir water in pond for higher humidity and prevent mosquitoes laying eggs.Long lasting and reliable.
M16 - Pam Tenggelam Sobo
Pam ini perlu direndam habis didalam kolam atau tangki air.Ia akan mengerakkan air didalam kolam untuk menambahkan kelembapan dan menghalang nyamuk membiak.Tahan lama.
M17 - Solenoid Valve 1/2 inch
Use to control water flow into water pump for nozzles system.Work with timer.
M17 - Injap Solenoid 1/2 inci
Untuk mengawal pengaliran air ke pam dengan menggunakan alat masa.

M17A-Hose End Irrigation Controller
9V Battery operated.Suitable for those using solar panel.Control water flow with built in digital timer.
M17A-Alat Mengawal Aliran Air
Menggunakan bateri 9V.Mengawal aliran air dengan menggunakan timer digital di dalam.Sesuai untuk yang menggunakan sistem solar.


M23B-Brass End Connector 3/8"
M23C-Brass Middle Connector + Nozzle Hole 3/8"
M23D-Brass 'T' Connector 3/8"
M23E-Brass Middle Connector 3/8"
M23F-Brass 'L' Connector 3/8"

M24B-Copper Nozzle 0.15mm with Filter
M24A - Copper Nozzle Size 1.5 (0.15mm)
M25 - Copper Nozzle Size 2 (0.2mm)
M26 - Copper Nozzle Size 3 (0.3mm)
Size 2 copper nozzles is finer than size 3.These are the sizes normally use in bird houses.
M24A - Nozel Penyembur Tembaga Saiz 1.5 (.15mm)
M25 - Nozel Penyembur Tembaga Saiz 2 (0.2mm)
M26 - Nozel Penyembur Tembaga Saiz 3 (0.3mm)
Saiz 2 adalah lebih halus dari saiz 3 tetapi kedua-dua saiz ini biasa digunakan untuk rumah burung.
M25A-Copper Nozzle Replacement Tip Size 2 (0.2mm)
M26A-Copper Nozzle Replacement Tip Size 3 (0.3mm)
M25B-Stainless Steel Nozzle Size 2 (0.2mm)
M26B-Stainless Steel Nozzle Size 3 (0.3mm)

M27 - Plastic Red Tip Nozzle with Connector
These plastic nozzles work together with a normal well pump.It can be used to humid inside bird house or to cool the roof.
M27 - Nozel Penyembur Tip Merah Plastik dengan Penyambung
Ianya boleh digunakan bersama dengan pam perigi biasa.Sesuai untuk melembapan bahagian dalam RB atau menyejukkan bumbung.

M28 - Dema Double O-Ring House Filter
Good quality filter and lasting.Use one before water supply goes into humidifiers.
M28 - Dema Penapis Air O-Ring Rumah
Quality yang bagus dan tahan lama.Sebaiknya air ditapis sebelum disalurkan ke mesin kabus.
M28A-Mytech Water Filter Large
Install at the main water supply to make sure only clean water goes into the water tank in a BH.
M28A-Penapis Air Besar Mytech
Dipasang pada bekalan air utama untuk memastikan hanya air bersih sahaja yang masuk ke dalam tangki air didalam RB.
M29 - Plated Washable Filter
M30 - Carbon Filter-Remove Odour
M31 - PP Filtter 5 micron - 5 unit pack 
M31A - PP Filter 1 micron

M32A - Blue Pressure Pipe 3/8" 50 meter
M33 - Blue Pressure Pipe 3/8" 100 meter
M34 - Blue Pressure Pipe 3/8" 150 meter

M35-Black High Pressure Pipe 3/8" for 1000psi 100m


N1-Nestpro Taiwan Humidifier Set HM6000
Comes with subhose and ready built skirt to prevent bird dropping from the tray.
Water consumption : 4 L per hour.Less noise.Lasting and reliable.
N1-Nestpro Set Mesin Humidifier Taiwan
Disertakan topi subhose dan gaun untuk mengelakkan kotoran burung dari masuk ke dalam bekas.Kurang bunyi bising.Penyemburan sehingga 4 liter air sejam.Tahan lasak.
N2A-TAYRING Taiwan Humidifier TL3600 Set
N5 -Taiwan Humidifier HM5000 Skirt
To prevent bird shit dropping into the plate.
N5 - Gaun HM5000 Mesin Kabus Taiwan
Menghalang kotoran burung memasuki bekas mesin kabus.
N7B-Taiwan Humidifier Rotation Part TP70 Pully
N7 - Subhose for HM5000
Another design of subhose for consumer to choose.They all are made for the same purpose.
N7 - Subhos untuk HM5000
Satu lagi desain untuk pilihan pengguna.Depannya melengkuk sedikit.
N8-Float for DIY Ultrasonic Humidifier
N8-Bola Air untuk Mesin Kabus Ultrasonik 
N8A-Float Stainless Steel Handle for Taiwan Humidifier
N8A-Bola Air Pemegang Besi Kalis Karat untuk Mesin Kabus Taiwan
N9A-Float to Control Water Level
For those who like to design and DIY own humidifier,this float is a must.It can control water level and overflow.
N9A-Bola Pelampung Kawalan Paras Air
Untuk mereka yang suka membuat mesin kabus desain sendiri,pelampung ini amat penting untuk mengawal paras air.
N9B-Float for Ultrasonic Humidifier TM300
N9B-Bola Air untuk Mesin Kabus Ultrasonik TM300
N10-Plastic Tray for Taiwan Humidifier
Suitable for HM5000 and NM5500
N10-Bekas Gantian Plastik untuk Humidifier Taiwan
Sesuai untuk model HM5000 dan NM5500
N10A-Tray for Taiwan Humidifier Stainless Steel with Float
N10A-Bekas Besi Kalis Karat untuk MEesin Kabus Taiwan dengan Bola Pelampung.

N13-Ultrasonic Humidifier 12 Stainless Steel Ceramics TM300
Strong body,better design,small but powerful.Stainless steel 12 mist ceramics ultrasonic mist maker generate 6 liters water per hour.Very fine mist to increase humidity in bird house to produce bigger and cleaner nests.There is a stop ball to control water level,an overflow hole just in case the stop ball malfunction.
N13-Mesin Kabus Ultrasonik Seramik Kalis Karat TM300
Kotak yang kuat,desain yang lebih baik,kecil tetapi kuat.1 unit 12 seramik pembuat kabus kalis karat yang berupaya menyembur 6 liter air sejam.Kabus yang sangat halus akan menjadikan sarang lebih besar dan bersih.Bola air untuk menentukan paras air dan lubang overflow juga disediakan.

N15A - Meiyan Stainless Steel Mist Maker 12 Ceramics Set
A more powerful 12 ceramics mist maker for your DIY unit.
N15A - Meiyan Set Mesin Kabus 12 seramik Besi Kalis Karat
Lebih kuat dan lebih kabus untuk unit DIY anda.
N15C-Float For 12 Ceramics Mist Maker
N15C-Pelampung untuk Mesin Kabus 12 Seramik
N16 - Meiyan Single Ceramic Mist Maker
Some like to use a few single head mist makers to humidify their bird house.At lease not all will break down at the same time.Single head is much more economical than multi heads.

N18-Mist Maker Maintenance Kit with Key 9's
When an ultrasonic mist maker produce less mist,it is time to change the ceramic disc.
N18-Seramik Gantian untuk Mesin Kabus 9 unit
Apabila kabus berkurangan,maka tibalah masanya untuk menukar seramik.


Q1-Meiyan Ventilation Fan 9.5"
With 4" outlet
Q1- Kipas Pengudaraan 9.5" Meiyan
Dengan lubang udara 4"

Q2- Meiyan Ventilation Fan 9.5" with 10ft Flexible Hose
Use to ventilate bird house.Connected to 4" flexible hose to dispose hot air.Good quality ventilation fan.
Q2 - Kipas Pengudaraan Meiyan 9.5" dengan Hos Fleksibel 10kaki
Digunakan untuk mewujudkan pengudaraan yang baik dalam rumah burung walet. Bahagian belakangnya disambungkan pada hos fleksibel untuk mengurangkan udara panas. Kipas pengudaraan yang berkualiti.
Q4 - Meiyan Ventilation Fan AC with Casing
Q5 - 4" Ventilation Hole PVC Cover Grey
Fits into all PVC grey pipe.Firmly attached.Recommended to use at both sides of ventilation pipe.To prevent small birds,lizards,cockroaches and other small insects to hide and nest in the ventilation pipe
Q5 - Penutup Lubang Ventilasi Kelabu 4"
Muat dalam semua paip kelabu PVC. Dilekatkan dengan kukuh. Dicadangkan untuk menggunakan penutup ini dalam kedua - dua bahagian akhir paip pengudaraan. Juga untuk mencegah burung kecil, cicak, lipas serta serangga kecil yang lain daripada menyembunyi dan bersarang di dalam paip pengudaraan.

Q5A-Ventilation Hole Cover Grey 3"
Q5A-Penutup Lubang Ventilasi Kelabu 3"
Q6 - 4" Ventilation Hole Cover Double Layer Black
This one fits to white and grey PVC pipe.
Q6 - Penutup Lubang Ventilasi Hitam Dua Lapis 4"
Ini akan muat dalam Paip PVC berwarna kelabu dan juga Paip PVC berwarna putih.
Q6A-Ventilation Hole Blocker 4" Black
This is to cover up temporary unneeded ventilation holes.For new BH not many ventilation hole needed as it might reduce the aroma smell.
Q6A-Penutup Lubang Ventilasi Hitam 4"
Ia berfungsi untuk menutup lubang pengudaraan sementara ia tidak digunakan.Adalah perlu untuk menutup lubang pengudaraan yang berlebihan dan tidak diperlukan untuk RBW baru supaya aroma yang di semburkan tidak akan hilang begitu cepat.

Q7 - Aluminium Flexible Hose 4"
Connects to ventilation fan to suck hot air out or to ultrasonic humidifier to draw fresh air from outside.Stretch to 10M
Q7 - Hos Fleksibel Aluminium 4"    
Bersambung dengan kipas pengudaraan untuk menyedut udara panas daripada rumah burung walet atau untuk menyedut udara segar daripada luar.Boleh diregangkan sehingga 10M
Q8- Ultimax Cooling Fan 4" AC-240V
Q8-Kipas Penyejuk Ultimax 4" AC-240V
Q9-Ultimax Cooling Fan 4" DC-12V
Q9-Kipas Penyejuk Ultimax 4"  DC-12V


P1 - Mini Infrared Thermometer
This handy key chain like infrared thermometer is to check the temperature on walls.Hot walls will increase the temperature in a bird house.Easy to use with digital reading.Battery included.
P1 - Thermometer Inframerah Mini
Termometer inframerah untuk memeriksa suhu pada dinding rumah burung walet. Dinding yang panas akan meningkatkan suhu dalam rumah burung walet. Senang untuk digunakan dengan bacaan digital . Termasuk bateri.

P2 - Laser Infrared Thermometer Gun
Widely use by consultants and farmers.Check the temperature of walls and ceilings by just a press on the trigger.Use 9V battery.
P2 - Pistol Pengukur Suhu Laser Inframerah
Digunakan oleh kebanyakan konsultan dan penternak burung walet. Memeriksa suhu dinding dan siling dengan menekan sesuatu butang. Memerlukan bateri 9V.

P3 - Lascar Temperature & Humidity Data Logger
Widely use by swiftlet farmers.High accuracy.Able to log more than 16000 readings for humidity and temperature.A graph will be shown on your PC screen to indicate when and what time the humidity and temperature is too high, too low or just right.Lithium battery included.
P3 - Pengelog Data Suhu & Kelembapan Lascar
Kerap digunakan oleh penternak burung walet. Ketepatan yang tinggi. Berkaliber mencatat lebih daripada 16000 bacaan untuk kelembapan dan suhu. Sebuah graf akan ditunjukkan pada skrin PC anda untuk membereitahu anda bile kelembapan dan suhu adalah terlalu tinggi atau terlalu rendah atau sudah sesuai. Termasuk bateri lithium.

P4 - Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
OEM product,function same as above.
P4 - Pengelog Data Kelembapan dan Suhu
Produk OEM, fungsinya sama dengan data logger yang satu lagi di atas.

P5 - Data Logger Lithium Battery
Replacement battery for data logger.
P5 - Bateri Lithium Pengelog Data
Bateri pengganti untuk data logger.
P7 - TFA Digital German Hygrometer
Works the same as above.This one is made in Germany therefore the quality is better.
P7 - Hygrometer Digital Jerman TFA
Berfungsi dalam cara yang sama seperti hygrometer di atas. Ini dibuat di Germany dan mempunyai kualiti yang lebih baik.
P8 - TFA Analog German Hygrometer
This one does not need a battery.Very accurate and reliable.To calibrate,use a damp cloth and wrap up the hygrometer for 15 minutes.The reading should go up to 95%.Unwrap the cloth and it is ready to use.Made in Germany.
P8 - Hygrometer Analog Jerman TFA
Peralatan ini tidak memerlukan bateri. Sangat tepat dan boleh dipercayai. Untuk menentukur, gunakan sehelai kain yang basah dan balutkan hygrometer selama 15 minit. Bacaan sepatutnya meningkat hinga 95% .Keluarkan kain tersebut dan hygrometer ini sudah sedia untuk digunakan. Dibuat di Germany.
P9-TFA German Door Thermometer Black
P9-Termometer Pintu Jerman Hitam TFA

P10 - Hygrometer with Max/Min Record HTC-1
Reads humidity and temperature at the same time.Come with clock.
P10 - Hygrometer Dengan Rekod Min/Max HTC-1
Mengesan kelembapan dan suhu pada masa yang sama. Termasuk jam.
P11 - Hygrometer with External Temperature Sensor HC520
Reads humidity and temperature at the same time.The extension sensor can only read temperature.Min/max record.
P11 - Hygrometer dengan Sensor Luar Suhu HC520
Mengesan kelembapan serta suhu pada masa yang sama. Sensor luar hanya boleh mengesan suhu. Rekod min/max.
P13 - Thermometer Indoor and Outdoor
This item is a thermometer.The extension sensor can be place inside a bird house so that one does not need to go in to check the temperature.
P13 - Termometer Dalam dan Luar
Peralatan ini adalah sebuah termometer. Sensor tambahan boleh diletak dalam rumah burung walet supaya seseorang itu tidak perlu memasuki rumah burung walet untuk melihat bacaan suhu.

P14A-Mini Thermometer
P14A-Termometer Mini
P14 - Hygrometer 
Works with up to 3 mini thermometers.
Place the main unit at eye level inside the bird house.If use with wireless unit, is recommended to be place on nesting plank.The temperature around nesting planks is the most important because that is where birds stay.The small unit will scan the temperature and send the reading to the mother unit every few minutes.3 channels to reading 3 readings.See picture below.
P14 - Hygrometer
Boleh digunakan dengan 3 thermometer mini.
Letakkan unit utama di dalam rumah burung walet pada ketinggian yang boleh dilihat oleh anda.Jika digunakan dengan thermometer mini,ia boleh diletakkan pada papan sirip.Suhu papan sirip adalah sangat penting kerana itu merupakan tempat burung walet tinggal. Unit tersebut akan mengesan suhu dan menghanntar maklumat kepada unit induk setiap beberapa minit. Bacaan akan boleh dilihat pada unit utama.3 chanel untuk 3 bacaan.Lihat gambar dibawah.

P15 - Tanita Analog Hygrometer
Function same as above.
P15 - Hygrometer Analog Tanita
Fungsinya sama dengan hygrometer di atas.

P16 - Hygrometer Pen
The most convenience device to measure temperature and humidity.High accuracy,easy to carry.Suitable for those who have multiple floors or many bird houses.Battery included.
P16 - Pen Hygrometer
Ini merupakan peralatan menyukat kelembapan dan suhu yang paling mudah digunakan. Ia sangat tepat dan senang dibawa. Sesuai untuk mereka yang mempunyai rumah burung walet bertingkat atau mempunyai banyak rumah burung walet. Termasuk bateri.
P17 - Moisture Meter MD-2G
This device is use to check the moisture in nesting planks.Can also be used to measure moisture in bird nest.
P17 - Meter Kandungan Air MD-2G
 Peralatan ini digunakan untuk menentukan kelembapan dalam papan sirip.Juga boleh digunakan untuk mengukur kandungan air pada sarang burung.
P20 - E-Sun Multimeter 5 in 1
Measures humidity.temperature,db.light and many more.All in one.
P20 -  Multimeter 5 dalam 1 E-Sun
Fungsinya banyak. Boleh menyukat kelembapan, suhu, db, cahaya dan lain -lain lagi. Semua dalam satu multimeter ini.
P21 - Distance Meter
This device is to check the distance between a point to another.Very accurate with infrared laser.Read feet or meter.A must for consultants and builders.
P21 - Pengukur Jarak
Peralatan ini digunakan untuk memeriksa jarak dari satu tempat ke tempat lain. Sangat tepat dengan laser infra merah. Bacaan dalam kaki/meter. Sesuatu yang mesti ada untuk konsultan dan pembina.


P22 - Meiyan Sound Level Meter CT868
This is to check the db of tweeters installed.Too loud or too soft is not good for the farm.
P22 - Meiyan Alat Pengukur Paras Bunyi CT868
Untuk memeriksa db twiter yang telah dipasang. Suara yang terlalu kuat atau terlalu perlahan tidak baik dalam memikat burung  walet ke dalam rumah burung.
P23 - Lux Meter
This is to check the light level in bird house.Too dark or too bright will not be good.
P23 - Pengukur Cahaya
Ini adalah untuk mengesan paras cahaya dalam rumah burung walet. Keadaan yang terlalu terang atau terlalu gelap pun tidak sesuai.
P24-Pro'skit Analog Multimeter MT-2017
P24-Multimeter Analog Pro'skit MT-2017
P25-Digital Multimeter CT313
Use to check short circuit of installed tweeters to protect amplifiers.Important to make sure amplifiers last longer and less hassles.
P25-Meter Aneka Fungsi Digital CT313
Untuk mengecek twiter selepas pemasangan supaya tiada 'short circuit' yang boleh merosakkan amplifier.

P26-Digital Clamp Meter VC3266